One Key at a Time

portiakeylogoAt PRG, we get excited about keys. And who wouldn’t? As any homeowner knows, the moment you hold the keys to your own home for the first time is a thrill, and is symbolic of a huge achievement as well as great opportunity and responsibility to come.

PRG’s work makes that moment possible over and over. One key at a time, we’re closing the racial home ownership gap. Helping lower-income residents build wealth. And making Twin Cities homes more affordable.

Knowledge and Support for New HomebuyersPRG, Inc. | GiveMN

Too often, lack of knowledge about how to buy a home keeps the opportunity of home ownership locked away. In HUD-approved workshops and free, personalized counseling, we bring more families “into the know” about how to reach successful home ownership.

Foreclosure Prevention

In hard times, knowledge and confidence are key to staying afloat. Our HUD-approved counselors help struggling homeowners get back to stability.

More Affordable Homes

We work with neighborhoods and community groups to rehab or build affordable homes. New or renovated, for rental or ownership, the homes we build fit their communities like keys fit locks: each is unique. Each opens doors. Doors to prosperity for those who live there. Doors to community pride and stability for nearby neighbors. And doors to abundant work for the contractors—many of them small, local businesses owned by women and/or people of color .

Between November 1 and November 12, 2015, the impact of your gift will be doubled by a generous matching grant from the Kopp Family Foundation. Thank you for supporting PRG’s work!

PRG homebuyer Kathy holds the keys to her new home.

PRG, Inc. | GiveMN

  • PRG’s workshop gave us the confidence to move forward with our housing purchase.

    CJ & Amy, Workshop Participants
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