Why we want to see you at a Home Stretch Workshop

PRG has been heading up homebuyer workshops for 20 years. Thousands of first-time homebuyers have attended our nine-hour workshops and come away pleased with what they know.

When we first started offering this service, in-person workshops were the only way to find so much good, impartial information on the home buying process. Today, you have the internet and lots of ways to research and learn online, including the new FRAMEWORK™ option.

But the face-to-face workshop continues to be a great way to learn, and we’re committed to making it available. If you choose to attend an in-person workshop, here are some things we think you’ll love:

High quality: We start with the widely respected Home Stretch curriculum, which includes everything you need to know to get started on your home ownership journey. The presenters are PRG staff and volunteers who work every day with first-time homebuyers, who know the material inside and out, and who are committed to talking to you about what you need to know.

Engaging: You’re not just listening for nine hours; you’re participating. You have the opportunity to connect what you’re learning with your own situation, ask questions to clarify what’s happening, and get to know the experts who are sharing the information you need.

Local: The PRG staff and home ownership professionals who present the workshops are your neighbors—people who work in your community and know the local climate with all its unique opportunities and challenges.

Certified: Your Home Stretch certificate is a key to accessing many loan programs and other forms of assistance. PRG’s Home Stretch workshops are also HUD-approved and NSP-certified.

Personal: From the moment you sign up, through the workshop itself, on through your home purchase and beyond, PRG is here for you. Our free individual homebuyer counseling (available whether or not you attend the workshop) is highly personalized to help you figure out your best next steps toward your goals. Our monthly Home Tips email keeps you in the loop about home buying topics and opportunities. And we’re here to support you if you run into trouble during or after your home purchase.

By far the most frequent comment we receive from workshop participants is, “I wish I’d known about this sooner.”We hope you’ll sign up for a workshop early in your home buying adventure, or call us to find out more: (612) 721-7556.

  • If you can bring in a homeowner, that’s great. It’s a great asset for the neighborhood.

    James, Jordan Neighborhood
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