When you own a house, you own a lot of things that might need fixing. This month, the PRG staff share their most treasured tools to have on hand.

Kathy :  A Multi-Bit Screwdriver

“I purchased one last year and keep it in the kitchen junk drawer.  No more running down to the basement for the right screw driver.  Mine also has a ratchet function.”

Erin : A Good Flashlight

“I live in a condo, so most tools are not necessary for me, but I always have a flashlight on hand. You never know when the lights are going to go out!”

Carolyn : A Drain Snake

“I have in an old house and don’t want to eat away the plumbing with corrosive drain cleaners. This thing is kind of gross to use, but it’s a bargain compared to calling a plumber when the tub won’t drain. (I also recommend a good pair of work gloves and plenty of rags or paper towels.)”

Kevin : A Cordless Drill

“This one’s a bit of an investment, but comes in handy, especially for bigger projects around the house.”

Paul : A Tape Measure

“For jobs as simple as hanging a picture or rearranging the furniture, or as complicated as you want to get. You could just eyeball it  … but that might not end well.”

Tools on a Budget?
Here are some ideas for getting your hands on the tools you need (especially the larger, more expensive items) without overspending:

  •  Borrow from friends or neighbors.
  •  Use your block club to arrange sharing of bigger tool purchases or rentals.
  •  See if your local hardware store rents the tool you need.
  •  Check out garage sales and second-hand stores.
  •  Get in touch with your neighborhood organization. Some offer voucher programs to help residents keep up with repairs and improvements.
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