Snow Removal

Snow removal isn’t just for sidewalks!

We know: you’ve already spent hours shoveling snow this week, and you’re wondering when it will ever end. We are, too!

But take a few minutes and make sure these areas are clear of snow, too. They’re all important to your health and safety!

furnace intake

If you have a side-vented furnace, you’ve got these guys: an air intake and a vent. Make sure they’re not covered with snow.

talking fire hydrant

Find the fire hydrant on your block, and do your part to clear the snow around it. A few minutes of work now might save a life in the event of a fire.

talking gas vent

If your gas meter is inside your house, a flexible hose leads from the meter to the outside wall, and a character like this (about the size of a doughnut hole) sticks out of the side of your house. Make sure no snow or ice block it; it’s a gas pressure regulator vent.

talking outdoor meter

If your gas meter is outside your house, the regulator vent is part of the meter, and it’s important to keep the whole meter clear of snow and ice to prevent dangerous buildup of natural gas. More on this from Xcel Energy here.


Last but not least, don’t forget your garbage and recycling bins. Clear off the tops, make sure they aren’t frozen onto the ground (or frozen shut), and clear a path from the bins to the alley or street.

Done with all that? Bravo! Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the important parts of your house are clear of snow … and also that spring will come someday and melt the rest away!

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    Robert, PRG Homeowner, Jordan
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