Our Long History of Rejuvenating Neighborhoods

Demo of what would become Linden PlaceIn 1990, the corner of 32nd and Bloomington in South Minneapolis was well-known to law enforcement. Some described the block of fourplexes as a “mini-slum,” and the area had been the site of violence, illegal activity, and drive-by shootings.

So when PRG partnered with concerned neighbors to rehab the lot, area residents were enthralled by the demolition of the property.

What was built in its place were 12 two-bedroom units, each available to low-income families. The Linden Place project helped to revitalize the surrounding neighborhood by decreasing the density (from 100 to approximately 36), increasing green space and trees, and the addition of yards for children to play in.

In 1991, Linden Place was a finalist for a CUE (Committee on Urban Environment) Award in the Making Our Neighborhoods Better Places category.


  • PRG is by far one of the best non-profits serving the housing needs of our community. I recommend their homebuyer counseling services to my first-time homebuyers all the time.

    Ann, Real Estate Broker
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