Putting down roots

One of the great things about owning your home is the ability to plant a vegetable garden. Even though we’re into the warm days of June, you can still plant for a late summer or fall harvest.

  1. Choose a sunny spot in your yard
    Many vegetables require four to six hours of sun per day.
  2. Prepare the Soil
    Using a spade and a lot of careful bending at the knees, till the soil 6-12” deep. Add organic material such as compost or peat moss (available at garden centers and hardware stores) to the soil. You can also rent a tiller if you’re putting in a large garden.
  3. Choose the plants
    The University of Minnesota Extension Service lists ideal times for planting vegetables.
  4. Water regularly
  5. Add mulch
    New plants like mulch (wood chips, straw, leaves). It keeps the soil cool and prevents drying out.
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