Pushed Toward Foreclosure Unnecessarily?

One big benefit of PRG’s free, HUD-approved foreclosure counseling: We help homeowners know and go after the relief they’re eligible for.

This recent article points to a study on federal foreclosure relief program known as HAMP (Home Affordable Mortgage Program). The researchers looked at a huge set of data about mortgage modifications and foreclosures under this program:

What they found was that certain banks were far better at modifying loans than others. The reasons for the difference, they established, were pretty predictable: The banks that were better at helping homeowners avoid foreclosure had staff who were both more numerous and better trained.

The upshot of this for homeowners facing foreclosure is this: Not all banks are going to help you find and get all the help that’s available to you. PRG’s free, HUD-approved foreclosure counseling program can.

Our counselors have broad knowledge about the available options. They are experts at advocating for homeowners and navigating bank bureaucracy and communication. This study found that 800,000 homeowners eligible for loan modifications were unnecessarily pushed toward foreclosure instead. We’re here to make sure you don’t become one of them.

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