Preparing your home for the cold months ahead






Winter weather is here in Minnesota.    Here are some helpful tips for keeping your home warm on a budget.
1.  Older, drafty windows not only cause cold air to get into your house, they lead to expensive energy bills.  Putting plastic shrink wrap on your windows is a cheap, easy way to keep warm and save money in the winter.

2.  As the weather gets cold animals often try to stay warm by finding a way into your house. You can keep them outside by sealing cracks in foundation with caulking or covering larger holes with mesh.  Trimming branches around your house can help keep bugs and rodents away as well.

3.  Avoid cracked pipes and plumbing fees by turning off all outdoor plumbing.  If you have any pipes that are in non-insulated areas like a garage you can add insulation around the pipes to avoid freezing during winter.  A busted pipe can be a mess and expensive to fix.

4.  Avoid getting scammed by furnace company deals.  Getting a second opinion and watching out for tricks can help you save a lot of money.  Check out this article for more information.

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