Staff & Board Members

Brenna Everson
Operations and Communications Manager
(612) 721-7556, ext. 200

Brenna manages external communications, fundraising activities and other administrative duties. She brings wide-ranging experience to this role from milking cows on a dairy farm to managing fundraising communications for a large non-profit. She’s proud to have purchased her home through the City of Lakes Community Land Trust with the help of a Home Stretch workshop.

Reta Green
HUD-Certified Homeownership Advisor
(612) 721-7556, ext. 170

Reta’s background is in social services and property management. She loves learning and sharing what she has learned with others in hopes of elevating people’s potential. She believes homeownership is key to bridging the wealth gap that exists in the Black community. She is committed to helping anyone who is willing to do the work to achieve their goal of homeownership.

Kevin Gulden
Project Manager, Real Estate Development
(612) 721-7556, ext. 130

Kevin manages PRG’s renovation and construction of single-family homes. He has over 20 years of experience developing affordable housing in a diverse, urban environment, as well as extensive experience with partnership building and community organizing.

Paul McCluskey
Administrative and Accounting Manager
(612) 721-7556, ext. 100

Paul maintains office systems, tends to PRG’s technology needs, does much of our day-to-day accounting, and handles other administrative tasks. He has extensive experience in office management and accounting, including running his own business and creating systems for several non-profit organizations. He has been with PRG since 2005.

Ajullu Odola
Administrative Assistance
(612) 721-7556, ext. 150

Ajullu is a 2023 graduate of University of Minnesota Duluth with a background in Public Health. Her areas of passion are health and racial equity. With her experiences in customer service and community engagement, she aspires to make a mark and improve the overall health outcomes in her community. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family.

Aliyah Primus
HUD-Certified Homeownership Advisor
(612) 721-7556, ext. 190

Aliyah knows firsthand the challenges that people experience obtaining and maintaining successful homeownership. With a background in assisting families to achieve housing stability, Aliyah was motivated to become a Homeownership Advisor so that people could have more control over the place they call home.

Theressa Ruiz
Program Manager
Homeownership Services
(612) 721-7556, ext. 180

Theressa has dedicated 16 years of her life to the mortgage banking industry. Throughout her career she has been driven by her passion for families and individuals to achieve their dreams of homeownership. She truly believes that owning a home is not just a financial investment but a true milestone in people’s lives that will help them thrive.

Caliyah Rush
Project Coordinator
(612) 721-7556, ext. 210

Caliyah ensures operational functions, and homeownership education runs smoothly. Her experience as a student advisor and a Guthrie Theater Box Office Specialist helps her to handle the administrative tasks. She is a 2022 graduate from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and 2018 Valedictorian of Edison High School. She is passionate about social change that addresses racial and economic disparities. She and her family are on the journey to homeownership as they see the immense benefits of wealth building and home security it would bring.

LaShelle Smith
HUD-Certified Homeownership Advisor
(612) 721-7556, ext. 110

LaShelle is a Homeownership Advisor and has been in the industry since 2009 counseling struggling homeowners across the country. She’s an advocate for homeownership retention and prepurchase education. She loves sharing information about how to achieve homeownership and keep current homeowners in their homes.

Kathy Wetzel-Mastel
Executive Director
(612) 721-7556, ext. 160

Kathy has been executive director of PRG since 2009 and is responsible for the organization’s finances, budgeting, fundraising, personnel, and public relations. Her prior experience includes project and program management in the fields of affordable housing and community development. Kathy is past chair of the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers and currently serves as co-chair of the Homeownership Minnesota coalition.

Erin Wilson
Real Estate/Development Coordinator and
HUD-Certified Homeownership Advisor
(612) 721-7556, ext. 120

Erin has over 20-years of experience as a licensed Realtor, specializing in the unique needs of first-time and often first-generation buyers. A certified Homebuyer Counselor since 2013, she is considered an expert at identifying and layering multiple funding sources to assist lower-income buyers. She joined our staff in 2001.

Board of Directors

Albert Briscoe

Albert Briscoe joined the board in 2023. Mr. Briscoe grew up in North Minneapolis as a challenged teen affected by broken homes and homelessness. Today Mr. Briscoe is a PRG homeowner. He serves as a resource to his community about the services that PRG provides to low income families to help them achieve homeownership.

Lynn Camp

Lynn is a certified public accountant (inactive) with 15+ years of financial management experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit real estate sectors. A former PRG employee, Lynn is passionate about affordable housing and eliminating the racial homeownership disparity. When not working or volunteering, Lynn stays busy with her husband and three boys.

Anna Williamson

Anna is a Realtor and loan officer. Having grown up in Minneapolis, she is committed to leveraging her roles to narrow the racial homeownership gap in the region and views PRG board service as another way to do that. Anna stays busy with her young son, grandchild, husband, and three adult children when not working.

Akisha Everett

Akisha Everett is the executive director of Minneapolis Climate Action (MCA). Before joining MCA, she was a Project Manager for the Energy Storage Pilot Project at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment and an Independent Clean Energy Workforce Development Consultant. She brings 20+ years of non-profit experience including launching new health, environmental & public policy initiatives, revitalizing operations, administrative leadership, fiscal management, crisis control and professional development facilitation.

As a former PRG client, she became a proud homeowner in the Hawthorne neighborhood in North Minneapolis. By serving on the PRG board, she hopes to assist friends, family and residents in pathways of financial stability and eventually homeownership.

Elena Gaarder

Elena is the CEO of the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers. She is known for her holistic approach and ability to build successful partnerships that advance community wealth building. She has a long history with PRG dating back to her community organizing in the early 2000s which lead to the development of Spirit on Lake. Elena joined the board in 2022.

Claudia Holt

Claudia is the Programs + Strategy Director at Prepare + Prosper and is passionate about destigmatizing conversations about money so that everyone can feel like an expert in their own financial lives. When not working, Claudia keeps herself busy with a wide variety of hobbies, from music to travel. She joined the PRG board in 2022.

Portia Jackson

Portia is a former client, current PRG homeowner, former PRG program manager, and now PRG board member! She is passionate about helping all people, but especially Black people, achieve and sustain homeownership. She is currently a Community Development Specialist with Ramsey County. When not working, Portia stays busy with her five children and one grandbaby.

Ryan Klupacs

Ryan is a Manager at Metro HRA, where he has spent the last 10 years administering various affordable housing programs in the Twin Cities region.  Ryan joined the board in 2023 to contribute to PRG’s mission of eliminating racial disparities in housing and strengthening community.

Cate Kuria

Cate is the owner/broker of Express Realty and works primarily with first-time homebuyers. Prior to the formation of her brokerage, she spent many years in the mortgage industry as an operations manager and mortgage underwriter. Cate has been a frequent homebuyer workshop volunteer presenter for PRG and other local nonprofits. She joined the board in 2017.

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