Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

When you meet with one PRG’s professional homeownership advisors, we will treat you with confidentiality and respect. We’ll take a look at your mortgage and your budget and help figure out what your options are. We might be able to find a way you can stay in your home. Or maybe we can make a plan to land on your feet if you do have to go through foreclosure.

Your free appointment with a HUD-approved advisor will help you find a way to make home feel right again.

Please complete the paperwork we send before your appointment. If you can’t fill in all of the information or need help finding the answers to some of the questions, your advisor will be happy to work with you on it at the appointment.

Depending on your situation, you may also find some of the following useful now or later:

If you have other questions, call us at (612) 721-7556.

After you’ve worked with PRG’s advisors, please help us by filling out this short, anonymous survey about our program.

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