Home Stretch: Meet with a Homebuyer Advisor

Schedule a FREE, one-on-one appointment with a PRG home ownership advisor to create a personalized ‘blueprint’ for home ownership whether you’d like to purchase a home in two months… or two years. Questions? Want to schedule an appointment over the phone? Call (612) 721-7556 or email info@prginc.org

Pre-purchase homebuyer counseling is available free of charge to any person or family thinking about buying a home. There is no minimum or maximum income limit.

About Homebuyer Advisor

  • Confidentially reviews your finances
  • Accesses and analyzes your credit report (there is a small fee for your confidential credit report)
  • Assesses whether you are currently eligible for a mortgage
  • Helps determine what you can afford and which mortgage loan programs best fit your financial situation
  • Determines if there are homebuyer assistance programs available to you
  • Helps you make a plan to get on the road toward home ownership if you can’t afford a home or qualify for a mortgage now

Not sure if homebuyer counseling is right for you? Watch this video from HUD

PRG is a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency and a designated HOM Financial Counseling Agency.

  • The class really prepared me for the entire process, and I’m so happy that it was offered. It made this long process much easier to understand.

    Maria, Workshop Participant
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