Home Maintenance

You know who sees a lot of homes in need of repair? PRG’s housing development staff. Kevin, Erin, and Kathy scout out homes in need of repair and find ways to fix them. Here are there top simple tips for keeping your home in good shape:

Kathy’s Tip:  Watch Where the Water Goes
Next time there’s a heavy rain, put on your boots, grab your umbrella, and walk the perimeter of your home. Where is the water going?

I did this last week at my house and found two problems—one extension (the thing on the ground that’s supposed to move water away from the foundation) that had become disconnected from the downspout, and one gutter-to-downspout connection with a major leak.

Nobody likes a wet basement, and while you can’t always keep the water out, having an eye on what happens in a rainstorm is a big step toward keeping your basement from turning into a swimming pool.

Erin’s Tip:  Be a Fan 
Ok, I really mean use your fans. Turning on the bathroom fan to get rid of odors may be common sense, but do you remember to run the bathroom or kitchen fan every time you shower or cook? Over the long term, unventilated kitchen and bathroom air will take their toll on your home in the form of mildew and unpleasant smells. Teach everyone in your family to take this simple step—you’ll help lower the humidity in your home and keep the house smelling fresh.

Always forgetting to turn the fan off? Save energy by installing a timer switch, so that the fan turns off by itself after an appropriate length of time. Timer switches are available cheaply at hardware stores and can be installed fairly easily with a little safety know-how.

Kevin’s Tip: Keep it Clean
Keep your major appliances clean, that is. Replace your furnace filter monthly. This helps your furnace and/or your central A/C run more smoothly and efficiently, which saves you money on your utility bill.

Also, once a year, with the hose attachment from your vacuum cleaner, clean out the dust from the coils underneath or behind your refrigerator. This will help your fridge run more efficiently and extend its useful life.

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