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PRG Homes for SaleFrom affordable single-family development to multi-family projects, PRG addresses the needs of communities.

About PRG’s Housing Development

PRG began in 1976 as a group of neighbors who wanted to make sure sturdy, beautiful, resident-controlled housing continued to be part of their community. This group of neighbors thought outside the box, assembling funding and expertise to transform the old Whittier School building into an affordable leasehold cooperative.

Since that time, communities throughout and beyond Minneapolis have sought out PRG’s expertise to create unique places to live: homes that harmonize with the surrounding neighborhood and make a true connection with the needs and desires of people who live there.

As a relatively small organization, we are nimble enough to tailor our services and take on unique and challenging projects. This often means creating one-of-a kind housing for specific groups of people. A few of our partners have been:

The mainstream housing market simply doesn’t meet everybody’s needs. People, families, and neighborhoods have situations, shapes, and styles that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t address.

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Find out how we might work together to create homes that fit for you and your organization. Email PRG’s housing development team to discuss the housing need you’ve identified.

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