Celebrating Success

When homes fit, families do better and communities are stronger.

Each story is unique, but we know that when a home fits a family’s budget, there’s greater success all around. Affordability means stability, which leads to better educational outcomes for kids. Manageable housing costs reduce a family’s stress and free them to focus on other goals, such as education, saving, and career progress.

Karmalita’s Story







“Hi my name is Karmalita.  I’m a mom of 3 and I moved here to Minnesota from Chicago wanting a better, stable life.  Over the past few years juggling multiple jobs, living in low income public housing, wanting more out of life for me and my kids, I decided to save money to buy a home, but I never really knew where to start.  One day driving through a North Minneapolis Neighborhood I saw a PRG sign posted by a nice home and decided to call to set up an appointment with Erin.  Going in unsure and nervous I thought that the process was going to be hard and overwhelming.  Boy was I wrong.  Meeting Erin has helped me realize that sometimes I have to put all my uncertainties, worries, and nervousness to the side and just dive in.  Besides all the help with building my income and credit, in the conversations we had I could feel that Erin was rooting for me.  She wanted this for me, and it was like she was right there to make up for whatever confidence I was lacking about owning a home.  PRG’s entire team has made this whole process so easy and simple for me.  Owning a home now for me and my kids gives us a few more responsibilities, but it also gives us that space and privacy that we always wanted thanks to PRG.”

Abdul’s Story

Watch this short video to hear about how Abdul and his family moved from public housing to purchase their own home with the support of PRG.

Dante’s Story

Watch this inspiring video to see how Dante went from PRG homeowner to PRG board member.

Homes That Fit

PRG Homes for SaleEach time PRG sells a sturdy, beautiful, affordable house, we set these benefits in motion. Each time a first-time homebuyer learns to make great decisions, they are a step further along a path toward that prosperous future.

Thriving Families

Each time we help prevent a foreclosure, a family is better able to sustain stability and prosperity. The community keeps a good neighbor, and the block sees another house keep the lights on (and the siding painted) instead of going vacant.

Stronger Communities

The positive effects ripple outward: the block with a spruced-up home has a new source of pride and a new bulwark against crime and vandalism. The neighborhood where a working family moves in to live and prosper gains strong new neighbors and another reason for hope. Learn more about what we do from our annual reports.

  • PRG has impacted my life in so many ways that its hard to find a place to start.

    Regina, Past Co-op Resident
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