Jamar’s Story

jamarJamar was born and raised in the Jordan neighborhood on Minneapolis’s north side. He was ready to move out on his own. But what could he afford to buy and own on a youth worker’s salary and with a young son to care for?

One summer he watched workers build a new home right in the neighborhood where his family, friends, and church members lived, on a corner he drove past every day on his way to work. The house took shape, looking beautiful.

When he noticed the sign in front of the home, he looked up PRG and discovered he could meet with a home ownership advisor to figure out what was possible.

He discovered some credit issues he needed to work on. But he also found out how low the sale price of that beautiful new home was, and learned that the home was built to minimize ongoing costs like utilities and maintenance. Excited about the possibility of an affordable new home that let him keep his roots in Jordan, he worked hard at bringing up his credit score, and was able to qualify for a loan in time to purchase the home.

  • PRG’s house designs would be welcome in any neighborhood in Minneapolis.

    Debra, Real Estate Agent
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