Who We Are

PRG’s mission is to combine community-based affordable housing development with education and counseling to help all people and neighborhoods thrive.

What does PRG stand for?

The initials “PRG” connect us to our roots. The Powderhorn Residents Group, founded in 1976, was created by neighbors concerned about affordable, resident-controlled housing in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. Very early in our history, PRG began applying our expertise to housing problems beyond the borders of our founding neighborhood, and today we serve many core neighborhoods of Minneapolis, and also nearby communities. We keep the name PRG just as we retain our commitment to the families and communities we serve.


We at PRG value a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. We share:

A Can-Do Spirit

  • We approach and work through challenges with a sense of optimism and determination to find solutions.
  • We remain dedicated to our mission and values, even in the face of obstacles.

A Sense of Accountability

  • We know that coworkers, partners, clients, and other stakeholders rely on us to do our best work.
  • We recognize when we have power, and we use it to further racial and economic equity.
  • It matters who asks the questions. It matters who creates the solutions. We notice who is present and who’s missing, and we strive to make sure that low-income community members, residents of the neighborhoods we serve, and people of color are powerful participants in each step of our work.


  • We treat coworkers, partners, clients, and other stakeholders with dignity, compassion, and kindness.
  • We are mindful of differences, and we continually learn more about cultures and communities other than our own.

A Commitment to Great Customer Service

  • PRG clients, homebuyers, and development partners are our reason for existing.
  • We create and preserve good relationships, even when we have to deliver bad news.
  • We communicate clearly what people can expect from us, and we follow through on those promises.

Dependence on Teamwork

  • We rely on one another, and we deliver on our commitments to each other.
  • We trust each other’s skills and good intentions.
  • We’re honest about our expectations and our limits.
  • We support one another and show appreciation for others’ contributions.
  • We know the differences within our team make our work stronger and more creative.
  • We step up to help each other succeed.


  • We care deeply about racial equity and work relentlessly to achieve it.

40 Years of PRG

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Learn more about PRG, Inc. in our Annual Report

  • I thought about giving up and just letting them take my house. [PRG] changed my direction. It gave me hope.

    Olivia, Advising Client
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