Celebrating 2719 Lyndale

The big old house on Lyndale Avenue north sat vacant for six years, looking for too long like this:


Neighbors worried about the house: how much further it would fall into disrepair, whether it would become a site of crime and vandalism. When PRG purchased the house and began work on renovating it, people were vocal about their relief. Neighbors posted in the Old North Minneapolis Facebook group:

“2719 Lyndale Ave. N. is being extensively renovated right now! We have been waiting six years, but it’s finally happening!”

“The great thing about PRG doing it is that they intend to restore the original exterior….The exterior is all that remains that is original, but a fabulous exterior it is.”

Today, the house looks like this:


(note on buyer or sale).

This renovation and affordable resale was made possible by project funding and financing from the City of Minneapolis / CPED, Minnesota Housing, and Twin Cities Community Land Bank.

  • To be able to give this to my kid feels really, really good.

    Venessa, PRG Homeowner, Phillips
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