25 Household Chores Kids Can Do

If you have children, September means new schedules, lunches to pack, homework to do. But it can also be the perfect opportunity to get kids (back) into the habit of helping around the house. From preschoolers to teenagers, every child can pitch in with age-appropriate chores. Just don’t expect perfection and don’t use chores as punishments.


Feed the pets
Help clear the table
Learn to dust
Make the bed
Put toys away

5-8 years

Help unload dishwasher
Pick up around the house
Set the table
Sort dirty laundry
Sort the recylcingHousehold chores
Sweep the floor
Take out the garbage
Water plants

9-11 years

Load dishwasher
Rake leaves
Replace the toilet paper roll
Wash windows and mirrors
Weed garden


Clean bathroom
Clean the refrigerator
Mow the lawn
Shovel snow
Simple household repairs (changing light bulbs, painting, patching)

Based in part on information from Psychology Today

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