2015 Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

In 2015 PRG has made a big commitment to improving our policies and practices to meet our  long-held goal of being a truly diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent organization.

In June, we asked 60+ partners, clients, homebuyers, contractors, and other external stakeholders to reflect on their interactions with PRG and give frank and detailed input about how well we’re doing in this area. We gathered survey responses, then followed up by hosting a dinner to debrief on the survey results with many of the respondents.

Respondents identified PRG as having strong social capital—being welcoming and trusted—but also identified several areas for improvement.

The PRG board has now prioritized a list of actions we’ll be taking—starting right now, and continuing for the next several years—to make meaningful and measurable improvements. Top of the list is to ensure that the PRG board of directors—those who get to frame the issues and responses—reflects the diversity of the people and communities we serve. We’re changing the way we do board recruitment, improving our orientation process for new board members, and aiming to double the size of the board before the end of 2015.
We’ll be keeping our friends and partners updated on our work in this area via our newsletter and website in the months and years to come.For a copy of the survey results—or if you’re interested in exploring PRG board service—contact Executive Director Kathy Wetzel-Mastel by email or at (612) 721-7556, ext. 16.
  • Without PRG, we’d have been in an ocean without a boat.

    Leonard, Advising Client
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