Celebrating Success

When homes fit, families do better and communities are stronger.

Each story is unique, but we know that when a home fits a family’s budget, there’s greater success all around. Affordability means stability, which leads to better educational outcomes for kids. Manageable housing costs reduce a family’s stress and free them to focus on other goals, such as education, saving, and career progress.

Homes That Fit

PRG Homes for SaleEach time PRG sells a sturdy, beautiful, affordable house, we set these benefits in motion. Each time a first-time homebuyer learns to make great decisions, they are a step further along a path toward that prosperous future.

Thriving Families

Each time we help prevent a foreclosure, a family is better able to sustain stability and prosperity. The community keeps a good neighbor, and the block sees another house keep the lights on (and the siding painted) instead of going vacant.

Stronger Communities

The positive effects ripple outward: the block with a spruced-up home has a new source of pride and a new bulwark against crime and vandalism. The neighborhood where a working family moves in to live and prosper gains strong new neighbors and another reason for hope. Learn more about what we do from our annual reports.

  • Neighbors have told me that we have actually changed the environment.

    Caroline, Artists on Chicago Homeowner
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